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About Veronica

Hello, My Name is Veronica, and Im a Record Collector

Dr Veronica Skrimsjö

Record Collecting and Collecting Cultures

An adopted Liverpudlian, I completed my BA (Hons) and MA in Popular Music at the University of Liverpool before being awarded a scholarship at Liverpool Hope University to complete my PhD in Popular Music.

My research is primarily concerned with record collecting and collecting cultures, materiality and aesthetics. One of the main aims of my research is to highlight how diverse and active popular music fandom and consumption is. I have a clear focus on the listener and reader-response theories, questioning meta-narratives and exploring hidden histories.

I am currently working on a project on Vertigo Records. In 2016 I published the book ‘I, Me, Mine?’: An Initial Consideration of (Popular Music Record) Collecting Aesthetics, Identities & Practices.

A dedicated researcher, I am also a passionate lecturer who has taught a wider range of topics within the Arts and Humanities. I believe every student has the potential to thrive within academia.